Return refund policy

1. Request a return/refund

    aowog strictly implements the European and American return and refund policy, and accepts the supervision of buyers and government laws

2. Refund conditions

(1) The buyer has not received the order for more than 30 days;

(2) The order is defective or damaged during transportation;

(3) The seller sends to the buyer goods that do not meet the product description specifications (such as size, color error,Different functions, etc.);

(4) After the order is completed, if the seller is unable to deliver the goods on time due to special circumstances, he will be notified as soon as possible.Know the              buyer, refund in time and communicate well with the buyer, otherwise the buyer has the right to sue for non-delivery Buyer gets triple compensation

(5) For promotional free products, the buyer will receive a full refund from the seller within 48 hours after receiving the product payment. Including handling fees and      taxes

(6) For some electrical products, if there is a quality problem during the warranty period, the buyer has the right to apply for a refund Goods or exchange

(7) The buyer has the right to use it for 60 days. If the buyer is not satisfied with the product within 60 days, you can choose Choose return or exchange.

(8) If the seller fails to comply with the regulations, the buyer has the right to sue the seller, and the seller must compensate the buyer 3 times Payment for goods,          lost work expenses and mental damage expenses

(9) When the product has the above problems, you can also explain the situation to the seller and take pictures to sell Home, the seller can re-deliver the goods, the         seller bears the cost of return, and the buyer can In order not to return the goods.

3. Return conditions

The buyer should pack and take pictures of the order in question, and send it according to the buyer’s receiving address. If it is the responsibility of the above seller, the seller shall bear all the transportation costs.

Note: After the company's promotional free products are shipped, the buyer will refund the full amount within 48 hours after receiving the goods, including taxes and handling fees. The goods belong to the buyer. If the above problems occur, the buyer can take photos of the seller and the buyer. You can handle the goods yourself without returning them. The seller shall deliver the goods to the buyer again within the stipulated time.

4. Communication between buyer and seller

aowogo encourages users to negotiate with each other in the event of transaction issues. If the buyer has any questions about the purchase, you can contact the seller directly until the buyer is satisfied